Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Art Dump

Here we have a bunch of life drawing painting things from my fashion class. The theme was beachwear.

And here, my four final pieces from concepts - illustrating "The Star-Money".

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Good Golly Gosh

By Jupiter, two updates in one day...

This is too big for my scanner so I had to take a photo - my apologies for the cruddyness of the quality.

Turnarounds for the rollergirl. She looks a little taller in these than in the PinUp images 'cause I used myself as a refference... oh well. They look good, I think.


Wow, an UPDATE.


Here, we have a BELLYDANCER! For a Sens + Tech assignment involving a mix CD. She is watercolor with digital editing and color pumping.

And then, my Rollergirl for B.Ralph's class, Sister Midnight. She may have gotten a little too girly in the colors...oops.

Uhh, more later. Gotta go do more homework.